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The Global Network of Credit Unions and Financial Cooperatives

World Council of Credit Unions builds, champions, defends and grows a global community that improves lives.  On behalf of its members, World Council

Global Advocacy

World Council advocates before international standard setting bodies on behalf of the global financial cooperative movement, including the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the Financial Action Task Force, the International Accounting Standards Board and the Financial Stability Board.

In today’s regulatory environment, many financial rules are set at the international level and national regulators often have limited discretion t deviate from international standards once they are finalized.   World Council’s advocacy efforts have succeeded in reducing regulatory burdens associated with international financial regulatory standards in many areas such as prudential regulation, anti-money laundering, taxation and accounting standards.  World Council’s recent policy successes include:

World Credit Union Conference

World Credit Union Conference is the global gathering and networking event for the industry and gathers between 1,500 to 3,000 participants from 60 countries.  The conference brings together credit union and financial cooperative institution practitioners, regulators, vendors and technical experts to address the challenges faced in cooperative financial services worldwide.  Participants exchange best practices, strategies and forward looking innovations. 

International Development Programs

World Council’s human-centered credit union finance development programs provide financial empowerment for individuals and communities. World Council (WOCCU) works with credit unions to expand inclusive outreach to underserved.

WOCCU provides new digital and mobile service delivery channels for the financial products and services that financial institutions need to cost effectively reach new markets and meet customer’s demands for convenient, affordable service.  WOCCU employs savings and micro lending methodologies to reach vulnerable populations.  Small and medium enterprise and agricultural finance programs introduce sound risk mitigation and lending products for credit unions.  Agriculture value chain programs provide both market access and finance both for the single member and businesses along the value chain. 

WOCCU has found that expansion into underserved markets and introduction of new products is more sustainable and profitable for a financial institution when set on a strong policy and pricing foundation. WOCCU provides tools to strengthen capacity in management, financial condition and service offerings. 

Pooling resources and network building across financial institutions enables them to expand points of service and provide a broader array of services, share risk, pool liquidity and gain efficiency by sharing investment in infrastructure and technology.  WOCCU works closely with credit union leaders, national government officials, and policy makers to create appropriate and effective regulatory environments for credit unions.

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