Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice Review



COBA has appointed Phil Khoury, Principal of cameron.ralph.khoury to undertake the independent review of the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice (COBCOP). Phil recently conducted the independent review of the ABA’s Banking Code of Practice and reviewed the earlier Mutual Banking Code of Practice. The review has commenced and is expected to take six months.

Phil will be consulting with stakeholders and COBA encourages interested parties to make submissions on any of the matters in the Terms of Reference and Issues Paper. Submissions can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and are requested by end of March.  

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The COBCOP is the code of practice for Australia’s credit unions, mutual banks and mutual building societies.

Members of credit unions, mutual banks and mutual building societies can have confidence in knowing they are covered by a market leading, plain English commitment to fair and responsible banking. The Code is just another example of the value customer owned banking institutions place on improving the financial wellbeing of their members and their communities.

Customer owned banking delivers customer-focused, competitive retail financial services – outstanding services and fairer fees. Mutual banks, credit unions and building societies exist to serve their members, not simply to drive high profits for external shareholders.

The Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice is the public expression of our commitment to these fundamental principles – a legal and moral commitment to delivering on our promises to our customers.

More information on the COBCOP is available here.


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