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Check Out the Competition- June 2017

Check Out COBA’s new campaign which encourages Australians to  take a look at the strong and safe banking alternative offered by customer owned banking.

With banking competition in the news, COBA is highlighting the benefits of the customer owned model. 80 mutual banks, credit unions and building societies already offer great rates and market leading customer satisfaction.

Check out our campaign to learn more about the benefits of customer owned banking and the competition it offers our banking market.


Better for All Election Campaign - May 2016

A new campaign calling for a banking system that’s Better for All has been launched, encouraging candidates this Federal election to support a system that delivers a fair go for consumers and for banking institutions big and small.

The Better for All campaign, launched by the Customer Owned Banking Association encourages both candidates and voters to pledge their support for a stronger, fairer and more competitive banking system.

To find out more about a banking system that’s Better for All, visit www.betterforall.com.au

Save Your Savings - June 2015

The Customer Owned Banking Association has launched the Save Your Savings campaign calling on the Federal Government not to go ahead with a deposit tax. The campaign aims to defend Australians trying to save, with new research showing many Australians fear they don’t have enough savings to meet future needs. The key messages of the national TV and radio campaign are that the proposed tax is anti-saver, anti-competitive and against the recommendations of the independent Financial System Inquiry (FSI).

COBA releases new consumer research which shows consumers want greater transparency on rates, fees and financial advice - August 2014

COBA Acting CEO, Mark Degotardi speaks with Tracey Spicer about the Financial System Inquiry’s Interim Report into Australia’s financial system and new research on transparency and clarity regarding the rates and fees charged by banks.

COBA Launches TV Campaign - June 2014

COBA’s national TV campaign starts a national conversation about the need for a stronger, fairer banking system.  

COBA TV explains FSI position - March 2014

Watch the video infographic and interview to learn more about COBA’s submission and what needs to happen to improve Australia’s financial system.

Learn more about COBA’s position on the FSI, click here.


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