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2014 Financial System Inquiry


FSI Panel Chair David Murray and Treasurer Joe Hockey released the Final Report in December 2014.

The report delivers for consumers.

The FSI’s recommendations on regulatory capital will help to level the playing field  in the home loan market.

The FSI’s recommendations on competition include a review of competition every three years and better reporting by APRA and other regulators on how they balance competition against their core objectives.

The Murray Report delivers a high quality reform blueprint for the financial system that will promote competition and choice and ensure a better deal for consumers.

The Murray recommendations on bank capital will make the entire system stronger while getting rid of anti-competitive distortions that benefit the biggest banks.

A more resilient and more competitive banking system is good news for consumers.

The Murray report highlights the importance of culture in financial firms and the breakdown of trust. The customer-owned model has trust, fairness and a consumer-focus at its core.

COBA congratulates David Murray and the FSI panel on their achievement and we look forward to engaging with the Government and the regulators on the report’s recommendations.

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