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The Customer Owned Banking Association is the industry body for the customer-owned banking sector, representing Australia's credit unions, building societies and mutual banks. The association is owned by its member credit unions, mutual banks and building societies and champions the interests of its member institutions to support the growth and competitiveness of the customer owned model in the financial services market.

Bushfire Response

Australia's customer owned banking sector has a long history of supporting its customers and communities in times of need. 

COBA members have offered a range of measures to assist customers that are impacted by the bushfires, many of which continue to burn. 

If you are impacted, please contact your banking institution once you're able to, to find out exactly how your credit union, mutual bank or building society can assist you. 



Phone number

Insurance Partner

People's Choice Credit Union  Bushfire Relief Package  13 11 82 CGU
Australian Mutual Bank
(including Endeavour Mutual Bank and Sydney Mutual Bank)
Sydney MB Disaster relief package
Endeavour MB Disaster Relief Package
Australian Unity  Bushfire Relief Package
Bushfire recovery support page
Bank Australia Bushfire assistance  132 888 Allianz 
Beyond Bank Bushfires Support 13 25 85 (Option 9) Allianz 
Credit Union Australia (CUA) Disaster Relief Package  133 282 Allianz 
Defence Bank Financial Assistance  1800 033 139
IMB Bank Bushfire and Disaster Relief Package 133 462  Vero
TMB Bushfire assistance  13 12 21
Bank First Financial Assistance Package 03 9834 8530 CGU
Heritage Bank Bushfire Relief Package  1300 362 216
MOVE Bank Bushfire Relief Package  1300 747 747 Allianz 
Qudos Bank Assistance Package 
Newcastle Permanent Emergency Relief Package 13 19 87
Unity Bank Unity Bank Relief and Assistance 1300 36 2000 QBE
Greater Bank Emergency Relief Package 1300 651 400 Allianz
Hume Bank Financial Support upon assessment 1300 004 863 Allianz
Nexus Mutual Financial Support upon assessment 1300 65 33 28 Allianz
Geelong Bank QBE Insurance claim information 1300 734 728 QBE
Gateway Bank Disaster Relief options 1300 302 474 
Northern Inland Credit Union Allianz Insurance claim information  Allianz
Hunter United Employee's Credit Union Financial Hardship Assistance 1800 10 10 63 QBE
Queensland Country Credit Union Emergency Relief Package 1800 075 078 CGU
WAW Hardship Assistance  1300 368 555 QBE
Family First Credit Union  Financial Support upon assessment 1300 369 900 QBE
Laboratories Credit Union Bushfire Financial Hardship Assistance 
Orange Credit Union Bushfire assistance upon assessment (02) 6362 4466
Police Bank Bushfire assistance upon assessment (02) 9287 0862
bcu (part of P&N Bank) bcu Bushfire Relief Package 1300 555 030 Allianz
MOVE Bank Bushfire support  1300 362 216 CGU
Summerland Credit Union Bushfire relief package for customers  1300 802 222 CGU
TMB  Bushfire crisis support 13 12 21
Transport Mutual Credit Union Bushfire relief package 1300  652 274
QBANK Comprehensive Hardship Relief Policy 13 77 28

COBA's Competition Agenda

The Royal Commission put the spotlight on banking misconduct. It’s now time to focus on competition. The seemingly endless cycle of misconduct can be partly explained because of the market power of the biggest players. The solution to this problem is action to promote competition.

COBA’s proposes a four-step agenda to boost competition and benefit consumers in retail banking:

  1. Empower consumers by raising awareness and reducing barriers to switching.
  2. Accommodate the customer owned model.
  3. Improve regulator accountability and regulator focus on competition.
  4. Recognise the anti-competitive impact of regulatory compliance costs and ensure regulatory measures are proportionate and targeted.
A pdf version of the full agenda can be downloaded pdfhere104.64 KB.

Policy Contacts

Luke Lawler
Director - Policy
P: +61 2 8035 8448
M: +61 418 213 025
Email Lukecontact-arrow

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