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Abacus today reassured Australian families looking to ease the burden of back to school education costs.

With children heading back to school shortly, parents are being encouraged to consider a scholarship plan with a Friendly Society as one option to meet short and longer term expenses.

"From text books, to school excursions and university courses, the total expenditure for a child's education can certainly appear daunting on paper," Abacus CEO Louise Petschler said.

"But by starting early, parents can make education commitments more affordable and achievable and give their kids a better start to their future."

Friendly Societies offer scholarship plans to fund all levels of schooling, including tertiary education.

Research has found the costs to educate a child born last year from pre-school to secondary school range from around $65,000 in government schools to more than $400,000 for private school education*.

Investing in scholarship plans can help parents build an education nest egg and beat potential increases in school and university fees.

Abacus today also recommended parents consider:

  • Doing a household budget as early as possible that factors in education costs;
  • Starting educations savings;
  • Making "top-up" payments no matter how small.

Credit unions, building societies and mutual banks also have a rich history and track record of helping people meet their financial goals and commitments at all stages of life, including for education.

"Investing in a child's education is one of the most valuable gifts families can make," Ms Petschler said.

"As kids start the school year, there's probably no better time for families to take a little time to make sure money is put aside for this important investment in their children's future."

*Australian Scholarships Group Education Cost Estimates, Metropolitan Australia Schooling Costs in 2012.

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