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Latest independent research shows the customer owned banking sector is the market leader on customer satisfaction, offering everyday Australians a balanced approach to banking that rivals can't match.

The Roy Morgan Research analysis conducted last month found that for Main Financial Institution, the 'Mutual Sector' (92.2%), and 'Mutual Banks' (92.5%) outperform the 'Major Four Banks' (81.1%).

Industry body Abacus today said the market leading results reflect the relationship between customer owned banking institutions and the one in five Australians they serve.

"We see through these figures the outstanding relationship our industry has with customers and the way the customer owned business model delivers for consumers," Abacus CEO Louise Petschler said.

"The potent combination of high customer satisfaction through better service, and better value deals on home loans and credit cards is one everyday Australians want to be part of."

Abacus launched its Balance Banking campaign last week to push for a banking inquiry and further banking competition reforms to support choice for consumers.

"For us, a voice at the table for consumers is a key element in an independent banking inquiry, which we haven't had since 1997," Ms Petschler added.

"You can see from these customer satisfaction figures that Australians value service, competition and choice and want more of it.

"As an industry we see customer satisfaction as a significant measure of our performance, so these latest results are very pleasing, as we stay ahead of the pack yet again."

Abacus today pointed out the customer owned sector offers banking services through a diverse mix of more than 100 member institutions across Australia.

The sector has around $85 billion in assets, 4.5 million customers and a focus on supporting communities and helping people reach their financial goals.

Australians can have their say about Balance Banking by visiting www.balancebanking.com.au.

To find a customer owned institution near you, visit coba3.nexusone.com.au

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