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The customer owned banking sector today supported National Cyber Security Awareness Week and urged Australians to take simple steps to maintain online and electronic security.

As a supporter of the week, the industry is encouraging the 4.5 million customers it represents to familiarise themselves with the necessary tools to safety communicate and transact online.

Abacus today reminded consumers that there are very easy measures that should be taken to help keep information secure and reduce the risk of fraudulent activity.

The Stay Smart Online website lists a series of tips for everyday Australians to take to protect themselves from illegal activity.

The steps to improve online security are:

  • Install and update your security software and set it to scan regularly
  • Turn on automatic updates on all your software, particularly your operating system and applications
  • Use strong passwords and different passwords for different uses
  • Stop and think before you click on links and attachments
  • Take care when buying online - research the supplier and use a safe payment method
  • Only download "apps" from reputable publishers and read all permission requests
  • Regularly check your privacy settings on social networking sites
  • Stop and think before you post any photos or financial information online
  • Talk with your child about staying safe online, including on their smart phone or mobile device
  • Report or talk to someone if you feel uncomfortable or threatened online - download the Government's Cyber safety Help Button

Credit unions, building societies and mutual banks place a high priority on anti-fraud measures and welcome National Cyber Security Awareness Week as an important opportunity to provide education and advice to reduce this form of crime.

The Stay Smart Online website www.staysmartonline.gov.au has further information about what the community can do to help reduce cyber crime and details of activities planned to mark Cyber Security Awareness Week.

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