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NAB has taken an extremely loose approach to the term ‘market-leading’ in launching new offers on personal loans.

NAB is offering unsecured personal loans at rates that:

  • are not the lowest in the market, and
  • in the case of fixed rate personal loans, do not even match the average rate for loans offered by customer-owned banking institutions.

Yet NAB’s media release ‘NAB launches market-leading offers for Personal Loans and Credit Cards’ repeatedly uses the phrases ‘market-leading’. 

Customer owned banking institutions’ fixed rate unsecured personal loans have an average rate of 12.44% while the new NAB rate is 12.99%. There are fixed rate unsecured personal loans in the market with rates as low as 8.99% or 400 basis points lower than NAB’s “market leading” offer.

In the variable unsecured personal loans market, there are also several alternatives available from customer owned institutions below the NAB quoted rate of 11.99%.

“Perhaps this is another example of how the major banks seek to frame the banking market as a market with just four players. In fact, there are 100 customer-owned banking institutions offering highly competitive personal loans, credit cards and home loans,” said COBA Acting Head of Public Affairs Luke Lawler.

Fixed rates, unsecured personal loans, 21st January, 2014.

Market Segment

Avg. Rate

Customer Owned Banking  


NAB new rate

Major Banks


Source: Canstar  *Please note, this data excludes any personal loans explicitly branded as restricted to one purpose (e.g.  home improvement only) or restricted to one group within the entity’s customer base (e.g. home owners only). The data also excludes any products that are listed with a range of interest rates (e.g. 11.00 to 13.00 per cent).

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