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The Customer Owned Banking Association represents Australian customer owned banking providers.  

COBA is owned by 63 member institutions: 34 credit unions, 27 mutual banks, 1 building society and 1 other; and a number of affiliate members.

Collectively, the sector serves over four-and-a-half million Australians and brings with it the strength of $131 billion in assets.

Credit unions, building societies and mutual banks offer a competitive banking option with outstanding customer service, an ethos that is committed to local communities, lower and fairer fees and competitive mortgage rates. Find out more about the difference click here.

COBA Member Organisations

Australian Central Credit Union Ltd
t/a People's Choice Credit Union
Australian Military Bank Ltd
Australian Mutual Bank Limited
t/a Endeavour Mutual Bank
t/a Sydney Mutual Bank
Australian Unity Bank Limited
B & E Limited
t/a Bank of us
Bank Australia Limited
Broken Hill Community Credit Union Ltd
Central Murray Credit Union Ltd
Central West Credit Union Ltd
Coastline Credit Union Ltd
Community CPS Australia Ltd
t/a Beyond Bank Australia
t/a Nexus Mutual
Community First Credit Union Ltd
t/a Community First Credit Union
t/a Easy Street
Credit Union Australia Ltd
Credit Union SA Ltd
Defence Bank Limited
Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative Ltd
Family First Credit Union Ltd
Fire Service Credit Union Ltd
Firefighters & Affiliates Credit Co-Operative Ltd
t/a Firefighters Credit Co-operative
First Choice Credit Union Ltd
First Option Bank Ltd
Ford Co-Operative Credit Society Ltd
t/a Geelong Bank
G&C Mutual Bank Limited
Gateway Bank Ltd
Goulburn Murray Credit Union Co-Operative Ltd
Greater Bank Ltd
Heritage Bank Ltd
Horizon Credit Union Ltd
t/a Horizon Bank
Hume Bank Ltd
Hunter United Employees' Credit Union Ltd
Illawarra Credit Union Ltd
IMB Limited
t/a IMB Bank
t/a Hunter United
Laboratories Credit Union Ltd
Lysaght Credit Union Ltd
Macarthur Credit Union Ltd
t/a The Mac
Macquarie Credit Union Ltd
Maitland Mutual Limited
t/a The Mutual Bank
Members Banking Group Limited
t/a RACQ Bank
MyLife MyFinance Limited
Newcastle Permanent Building Society Limited
Northern Inland Credit Union Ltd
Orange Credit Union Ltd
Police Bank Ltd
t/a Police Bank
t/a Border Bank
t/a Bank of Heritage Isle
Police & Nurses Ltd
t/a P&N Bank
t/a BCU
Police Credit Union Ltd
Pulse Credit Union Ltd
QPCU Limited
Qudos Mutual Ltd
t/a Qudos Bank
Queensland Country Bank Ltd
Railways Credit Union Ltd
t/a MOVE Bank
Regional Australia Bank Limited
South West Slopes Credit Union Ltd
South-West Credit Union Co-Operative Ltd
Summerland Financial Services Ltd
t/a Summerland Credit Union
Teachers Mutual Bank Limited
t/a Teachers Mutual Bank
t/a UniBank
t/a Firefighters Mutual Bank
t/a Health Professionals Bank
The Capricornian Ltd
Traditional Credit Union Ltd
Transport Mutual Credit Union Ltd
Unity Bank Limited
t/a Unity Bank
t/a Reliance Bank
t/a Bankstown City Unity Bank
t/a Central Coast Unity Bank
Victoria Teachers Ltd
t/a Bank First
Warwick Credit Union Ltd
t/a Warwick Credit Union
t/a Gympie Credit Union
t/a Dalby Credit Union
WAW Credit Union Co-Operative Ltd
Woolworths Employees Credit Union Ltd

COBA Affiliates

Australian Settlements Limited

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