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COBCOP Subscribers


A list of all COBA Members who subscribe to the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice can be found below.  For a complete list of COBCOP subscribers, please refer to the independent Code Compliance Committee’s website - www.cobccc.org.au

Australian Central Credit Union Ltd
t/a People's Choice Credit Union
Australian Mutual Bank Ltd
t/as Endeavour Mutual Bank
t/as Sydney Mutual Bank
Australian Unity Bank Limited
B & E Limited
t/a Bank of us
Bank Australia Limited
Beyond Bank Australia Ltd
t/a Beyond Bank
t/a Nexus Mutual
Broken Hill Community Credit Union Ltd
Central Murray Credit Union Ltd
Central West Credit Union Ltd
Coastline Credit Union Ltd
Community First Credit Union Ltd
t/a Community First Credit Union
t/a Easy Street
Credit Union Australia Ltd
Credit Union SA Ltd
Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative Ltd
Family First Credit Union Ltd
Fire Service Credit Union Ltd
Firefighters & Affiliates Credit Co-Operative Ltd
t/a Firefighters Credit Co-operative
First Choice Credit Union Ltd
First Option Bank Ltd
Ford Co-Operative Credit Society Ltd
t/a Geelong Bank
G&C Mutual Bank Limited
Gateway Bank Ltd
Goulburn Murray Credit Union Co-Operative Ltd
Greater Bank Ltd
Heritage Bank Ltd
Horizon Credit Union Ltd
t/as Horizon Bank
Hume Bank Ltd
Illawarra Credit Union Ltd
Laboratories Credit Union Ltd
Lysaght Credit Union Ltd
Macarthur Credit Union Ltd
t/a The Mac
Macquarie Credit Union Ltd
Maitland Mutual Ltd
t/a The Mutual Bank
Members Banking Group Limited
t/a RACQ Bank
Northern Inland Credit Union Ltd
Orange Credit Union Ltd
Police Bank Ltd
t/a Police Bank
t/a Border Bank
t/a Bank of Heritage Isle
Police & Nurses Ltd
t/a P&N Bank
t/as BCU
Police Credit Union Ltd
Pulse Credit Union Ltd
QPCU Limited
Qudos Mutual Ltd
t/a Qudos Bank
Queensland Country Bank Ltd
Railways Credit Union Ltd
t/a MOVE Bank
Regional Australia Bank Limited
South West Slopes Credit Union Ltd
South-West Credit Union Co-Operative Ltd
Summerland Financial Services Ltd
t/a Summerland Credit Union
Teachers Mutual Bank Limited
t/a Teachers Mutual Bank
t/a UniBank
t/a Firefighters Mutual Bank
t/as Health Professionals Bank
The Capricornian Ltd
Traditional Credit Union Ltd
Transport Mutual Credit Union Ltd
Unity Bank Limited
t/a Unity Bank
t/a Reliance Bank
Victoria Teachers Ltd
t/a Bank First
Warwick Credit Union Ltd
WAW Credit Union Co-Operative Ltd
Woolworths Employees Credit Union Ltd

COBCOP Contacts

Sally Mackenzie
Director - Strategy & Stakeholders
P: +61 2 8035 8450
M: +61 412 721 663
Email Sallycontact-arrow