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Today’s Senate Committee report on the credit card market delivers a positive set of recommendations, including some that can be implemented quickly.

Shopping safely online and avoiding “too good to be true” offers and schemes will ensure consumers avoid being the victim of scams this Christmas.

A poll on Christmas credit card spending has underlined the need for better consumer education to promote competition in the credit card market.

COBA today welcomed a report on Personal Loans by Canstar that found 37 out of 38 of the best personal and car loans are from customer owned institutions.

COBA believes an industry funding model for ASIC should not be implemented until related regulator transparency and accountability recommendations made by the Financial System Inquiry (FSI) have been implemented.

COBA today welcomed a KPMG Report which highlighted the sector’s solid growth and encouraging prospects in a period of transformation for financial services.

COBA today congratulated three customer owned banking institutions announced as Employers of Choice for Gender Equality.

A new poll has found many Australians are set to consider switching banks.

Thank you for the invitation to appear before the Inquiry today.

COBA today welcomed the Government unambiguously backing the Murray Report’s vision for a more competitive, more consumer-friendly banking market.

The Customer Owned Banking Association today celebrates International Credit Union Day and the continued global success of a people-first approach to banking.

The Customer Owned Banking Association today encouraged Australians to take a moment during Stay Smart Online Week to make sure their online security is up to the mark.

A new credit card offering announced today is a further signal to consumers to shop around in the low-rate credit card market.

Nine of the top ten low-rate credit cards are offered by customer-owned banking institutions, according to the Mozo Experts Choice Awards 2015.

Senate Standing Committee on Economics Inquiry into matters relating to credit card interest rates, Melbourne.

The Customer Owned Banking Association has congratulated the Government on today’s decision to scrap the deposit tax.

The Customer Owned Banking Association says better consumer education, not further regulation, is the way to improve the credit card market.

COBA is disappointed that APRA has introduced an anti-competitive new restriction on credit unions and building societies.

APRA is to be congratulated on its announcement today about strengthening the capital adequacy of the major banks’ home loan portfolios.

Improving banking competition, making it easier to save for a deposit and mortgage broker reforms can help more Australians achieve their home ownership dream.

APRA has today removed any doubt that there is significant task ahead in ensuring Australia’s major banks are ‘unquestionably strong’.

Policymakers and regulators who’ve run out of patience with listed banking institutions should do more to promote the customer-owned model.

 A new poll shows Australia’s major banks have a serious trust issue which underlines the need for the implementation of Financial System Inquiry (FSI) recommendations.

The Customer Owned Banking Association says the Federal Government can support “retirement savings” by walking away from the proposed deposit tax.

A new campaign is underway to defend Australians trying to save, with new research showing many Australians fear they don’t have enough savings to meet future needs.

COBA today encouraged consumers to make sure they’re getting the best credit card deal and know what to expect with their repayments.

COBA has called for the Government’s tax review to be completed before any changes to deposit taxes are considered.

COBA has urged the Government to rule out the deposit tax by announcing it will not introduce legislation to implement the tax. 

COBA is very disappointed that tonight’s Budget has not ruled out a new tax on the savings of ordinary Australians.

The Federal Budget is an opportunity for the Government to support the implementation of the Financial System Inquiry (FSI) blueprint to restore confidence and trust for consumers.

Opposition is mounting against the proposed deposit tax which is friendless ahead of the upcoming Federal Budget.

COBA is calling on the Abbott Government to stay the course on the Financial System Inquiry (FSI) and to stop sending signals it is already walking away from the FSI’s reform blueprint.

Consumers are convinced they will be forced to foot the bill for the proposed deposit levy, rather than shareholders or banking institutions.

The Customer Owned Banking Association says the Government should walk away from a proposed deposit levy.

The Customer Owned Banking Association urges the Government to seize the opportunity presented by the Financial System Inquiry blueprint and ensure its key recommendations are swiftly implemented.

COBA welcomes the Government’s decision to restore to seven years the time banking accounts can be inactive before they are transferred to the government.

Australians are unaware that major banks actually own brands like St George, Aussie and Bankwest and want changes to stop consumers being lured into banking with them, new research released today has found.

The Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA) today announced the appointment of Wendy Machin as the independent Chair of the COBA Board.

COBA today congratulated P&N Bank, Greater Building Society and People's Choice Credit Union on being recognised for their industry leading customer satisfaction.

The Customer Owned Banking Association says the new financial adviser register will boost transparency and help consumers distinguish genuinely independent advisers from major bank shopfronts.

The Customer Owned Banking Association has called for funding to be allocated in the May Federal Budget to ensure the Financial System Inquiry’s blueprint is implemented effectively.

Australia’s original peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders welcome new entrants to the personal loans market but have warned consumers to beware the hype.

New polling released today has found many Australians have no idea what their credit card interest rate is, leaving them exposed to higher Christmas credit card bills.


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