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Submission on ASIC Funding Model

COBA has made a submission regarding the proposed ASIC funding model.

COBA Submission on ASIC Funding Model

COBA Submission to AUSTRAC

COBA submission to AUSTRAC regarding the draft AML/CTF Rules relating to Key terms used in ‘politically exposed person’ definition.

pdfDownload submission here139.35 KB

COBA Submission on impairment of customer loans

COBA has provided comments to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services' inquiry into impairment of customer loans.

pdfDownload submission171.1 KB

COBA Submission on Credit Card Interest Rates

COBA has provided a submission to Senate Economics Committee inquiry into matters relating to Credit Card Interest Rates.

pdfDownload submission711.98 KB

COBA Submission on Home Ownership

Below is a submission from the Customer Owned Banking Association outlining our recommendations to the House of Representatives Economics Committee Inquiry into Home Ownership.  

pdfDownload submission635.2 KB

Submission to Senate inquiry into Mutuals

COBA has provided a submission to the Senate Economics Reference Committee's inquiry into Cooperative, mutual and member-owned firms.

pdfDownload submission here2.93 MB

Re:think Tax Discussion Paper

The Customer Owned Banking Association has provided comments to Treasury on the Government’s "Re:think" Tax Discussion Paper.

pdfDownload submission here418.65 KB

Competition Policy Review Final Report

COBA has lodged a submission with Tresury providing comments on the Competition Policy Review's Final Report.

pdfDownload submission here176.55 KB

Lifting the Professional, Ethical and Education Standards in the Financial Services Industry

COBA has lodged a submission with Treasury providing comments on the consultation paper on lifting the professional, ethical and education standards in the financial services industry.

pdfDownload submission160.22 KB

Review of the Card Payments Regulation

COBA has contributed comments to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) Review of Card Payments Regulation Issues Paper.

pdfDownload submission124.97 KB

Proposed revisions to the standardised approach to credit risk

COBA lodges submission with the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Bank for International Settlements, providing comments on the BCBS’s consultative document proposing revisions to the standardised approach to credit risk.

pdfDownload submission233.51 KB

COBA submission - Response to the Final Report of the Financial System Inquiry

The Customer Owned Banking Association has submitted a submission to the Government in response to the Final Report of the Financial System Inquiry.

pdfDownload submission here971.26 KB

Customer-owned Banking Sector Pre-Budget Submission 2015-16

COBA has written to Treasury providing outlines our priorities for the 2015-16 Federal Budget.  The submission calls for funding to be allocated in the May Federal Budget to ensure the Financial System Inquiry’s blueprint is implemented effectively.

pdfDownload submission here381.46 KB

Friendly Societies of Australia - 2015-16 Budget Priorities

COBA, on behalf of the Friendly Societies of Australia, has submitted a Pre-Budget submission to Treasury - Strategies to enhance education opportunities through greater self-reliance by Australia families.

pdfDownload submission here1.37 MB


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