Cairns Bank

Cairns Bank is a unique bank. Established in 1899 by the people of Cairns to provide banking services to the region, we are owned by our customers which enables us to operate independently of other banks. It also means our customers help set our values, goals and ethics. These values include loyalty - Cairns Bank continues to focus on looking after its existing customers (after all, they are the ones who got us here). Another key value is trust; there is no higher honour than to be trusted. That’s why we prioritise doing what is right for our customers above what is most profitable or easiest for us. Cairns Bank will always focus on providing the best service, rates and products that we can. It's all about our customers.


  • Savings account
  • Personal loan
  • Credit card
  • Term deposit
  • Home loan
  • Insurance

Operating In

  • Queensland


  • Queensland

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