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From saving for a mortgage to staying safe from scams, our banking tips will help you take control of your financial future.

Why is housing so expensive in Australia?

by Nicki Hutley, COBA’s Chief Economic Adviser Australia’s house prices, housing affordability, the housing and rental crisis – every day there are new stories in media about the nation’s property … Read more

Man Using A Credit Card To Pay Bills

Protect yourself from money mule scams

Money mule scams are becoming more common in Australia, with criminals recruiting victims through job ads and romance offers. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe.  You may have … Read more

What’s next for the Australian economy?

by Nicki Hutley Australia’s economic growth has slowed and unemployment has begun to rise. But what happens from here and what does it mean for interest rates and household budgets? … Read more

Auction Sign

How to ace your first auction

Real-estate auctions are often a rite of passage to owning your first home, but they can be stressful without careful preparation and strategy. We have some tips on how to … Read more

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Back-to-school budgeting tips

After a busy couple of months of holidays, it’s time for the kids to go back to school. While some parents may breathe a sigh of relief when that first … Read more

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