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Heritage Bank works hard to put their customers first.

After losing her husband 10 years ago, 83-year-old Dalby woman and long-time Heritage Bank customer Ann Muller had never again had the chance to jump on board her favourite ride, the Ferris Wheel, when the Dalby Show came to town.

That all changed thanks to a thoughtful gesture from Heritage Bank staff members Daniel and Sammy.

On a recent visit to the Dalby Branch, Ann mentioned that she hadn’t been on a Ferris Wheel in over 10 years since the passing of her husband, Barry.

Dan and Sammy jumped at the chance to help Ann once again take a spin on her favourite ride and relive the cherished memory of past rides with Barry.

Senior Member Experience Officer Dan said, “She mentioned that one of their Show traditions was that he would try to take her on the Ferris Wheel, even though he had a terrible fear of heights.”

But with Barry’s passing 10 years ago, she hadn’t been on the Ferris Wheel since.

“Without hesitation I told Ann that I would meet her at the gate and ensure that someone took her on her favourite ride.”

Ann, who has been banking with Heritage since she moved to Dalby with Barry in 1980, was touched by this gesture from the staff and said it reinforced why she banked with Heritage. 

“Being able to share opportunities like this allows us to showcase our core values – we really do care about people. The simple action of taking an hour out of your day created an everlasting memory that someone holds dear.” Dan said.

Not only did Ann have a great time on the Ferris Wheel, but Dan made a deal with her – if he rode with her on the Ferris Wheel, she had to go on his favourite ride, the Haunted House.

By all reports she escaped that adventure unscathed as well – and with more happy memories to take home with her.

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