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How Orange Credit Union backs locals


For almost 60 years Orange Credit Union (OCU) has been backing locals.

During the pandemic, the OCU has run a series of seminars and programs to assist the community to protect their accounts. The program is used to educate not just OCU’s customers, but the broader banking community on fraud, financial fitness and technology

This program has earned Orange Credit Union a Business Philanthropy award during Australia Day proceedings.

OCU CEO Andrew de Graaff said after a challenging two years for its customers, it was nice to be recognised for what he considered the day-to-day service offered at OCU.

“Scam emails, scam SMS texts, aggressive phone calls from the ATO or the Federal Police – it was just scaring people into divulging their information and some people were getting scammed for significant amounts of money which is a horrible thing for people to experience, especially when you’re isolated in lockdown,” de Graaff said.

“We wanted to help people and let them know this is something you can avoid.”

This win is fantastic recognition of the hard work of the Orange Credit Union Team. Congratulations!

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