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RACQ Bank helps Queenslanders go green at 0.79 percent p.a


Going green can be expensive. Despite this, more Queenslanders than ever are looking to make sustainable changes in their lives.

A recent RACQ survey found 75 percent of Queenslanders had made efforts to reduce electricity consumption, and 44 percent were interested in a specific loan to make sustainable improvements to their home.

Taking on feedback from members, RACQ has now introduced the Green Home Loan to help RACQ Bank mortgage holders purchase and install clean energy products in their homes. The Green Home Loan can be used to purchase solar panels, battery packs, solar or heat pump hot water systems and electric vehicle charging stations at a low 0.79 percent p.a., helping to make living sustainability more affordable.

RACQ Group Executive Banking Michelle Winzer said members interested in clean energy for their home should contact RACQ Bank.

“Whether you’re an existing home loan member, a new home buyer or plan to refinance your mortgage with RACQ Bank, we can help you to take advantage of the benefits of clean energy at home.”

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