The Customer Owned Banking Association organises a number of events throughout the year to highlight the role credit unions, mutual building societies, mutual banks and friendly societies play in the retail financial services sector and the community.

2014 World Credit Union Conference

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World Council of Credit Unions and Australia’s Customer Owned Banking Association hosted the 2014 World Credit Union Conference at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre. The 4 day conference was a great success and attracted over 1900 participants from 48 countries.

This prestigious event attracted thousands of representatives from customer owned banking institutions around the world, providing a unique platform for sharing new ideas, trends and global experiences.

  • www.goldcoast2014.org - visit the conference website for post event updates including presentations and photos.

NB - there will be no seperate COBA AM Institute Convention in 2014.

2015 COBA AM Institute Convention

We were pleased to announce that the 2015 COBA AM Institute Convention, will be once again travel to the top end with our event being held at the Darwin Convention Centre from 19-22 September 2015.  Mark these dates in your diary now!

Industry Events

Parliamentary and community events are also organised by the Customer Owned Banking Association, working with our members to promote the interests and awareness of the customer owned financial services and friendly society sectors. These range from the promotion of International Credit Union Day (third Thursday in October each year) to regular industry events around the country. 

Information about industry events is available within our COBA Member Portal.


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