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Customer-owned banks launch digital campaign to encourage Aussies to choose a bank that puts them first


Customer-owned banks have launched a digital campaign to encourage Australians to make the switch to a bank that treats them like a valued customer rather than just a number.

The campaign is led by the Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA) and aims to bust common myths about the sector and raise awareness of mutual banks and credit unions as financial institutions that put people first.

COBA commissioned consultancy Pollinate to conduct market research, which found that most Australians thought their bank lacked a human touch.

“Over 70 percent of those surveyed felt that most banks treat them like a number, rather than a valued customer. At the same time, those surveyed believed customer-owned banks offer better and more personalised service, resulting in higher satisfaction,” Pollinate Director Jacky Heath said.

Using these insights, creative agency Supercurious designed the campaign, with digital ads rolling out across targeted websites and social media platforms including Meta and TikTok in the next two months.

“Our creative approach was to reposition Customer Owned Banking as Customer First Banking, thereby directly linking these banks with customer service. Whatever a customer puts first, we wanted them to know that there’s a Customer Owned bank that aligns with those needs at findabank.com.au,” said Supercurious Creative Director Annette Nel.

“The campaign roll-out involved customised animated videos, each created around the specific needs identified in Pollinate’s research. The creative style was adapted to work in different mediums to create a campaign that’s fun and makes everyone believe that ‘there’s a bank that gets me’,” she added.

The digital ads direct people to the Find-a-Bank tool, which helps Aussies find a purpose-led bank that aligns with their needs and values.

“Customer-owned banks are centred on helping customers and have been putting people before profits for almost 180 years. Time and time again, mutual banks and credit unions have proven that a people-first focus delivers better outcomes for customers and communities,” COBA CEO Mike Lawrence said.

Roy Morgan research has also found that customer-owned banks as a group are the most trusted when it comes to banking in Australia[1].

To find a purpose-led bank that puts you first, head to findabank.com.au 

[1] https://www.customerownedbanking.asn.au/customer-owned-banks-as-a-gro

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